In the classroom teachers can begin by discussing how drama is an ancient art form, going back to Aristotle's Rules of Rhetoric. Then fast-forward to how we view drama today, particularly in the form of television shows.

TV dramas can be used to get students to not only discuss the themes of the show they are looking at, but also to think creatively and write.

Possible Activities using TV Drama:
  • Have the students rewrite and re-enact scenes
  • Stop the episode halfway through and have students write their own endings - what do they think will happen? Or, after viewing the entire episode they can rewrite the ending.
  • Use the show as a prompt for students to create their own video. Students can write their own scripts and shoot the video, then share with the class.

TV Dramas:

Downton Abbey
A behind-the-scenes- featurette of Downton Abbey


A Promo for season 3 of Castle.


A fan-made video collecting scenes from all 177 episodes of House.

Law & Order

Clip from season 11 episode 12 "Teenage Wasteland"


This season 1 recap aired at the beginning of season 1 episode 21 "Salvation"