News in the Classroom
By: Elizabeth Wagner, Jonas Liphardt, Ryan Rimby, Sean Hespell

News in the classroom could be used for high school classes on writing or history. In college, news can be used in depth in journalism and communications classes.
You can learn about different biases in the news by comparing two different news programs to each other (ex. CNN and BBC, RussiaToday and FOXNews). What angles the corporation takes on subject (ex. politics) and how they structure their program shows their biases and beliefs.

They can look at celebrity news versus local news vs world news.
With regards to sports news, students could explore the gender bias, racism, and classism.

The reason for using news in the classroom would be to strengthen student's knowledge of the issues going on in the world. In addition to just hearing about the news, students would be able to compare and notice different propaganda and other techniques used by different companies to provide their news. Some news sources try to stay "objective" while others have obvious bias.

BBC Clip on Ukraine

CNN Clip on Ukraine